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Hard Resin (plastic)

These lenses are half the weight of glass and are more impact resistant. They can be tinted to almost any color or shade. Hard resin (plastic) lenses do scratch more easily than glass, but a scratch-resistant coating can be applied.

Thinner, Lighter Lenses (Hi-Index)

Hi –Index lenses are ideal for patients with stronger prescriptions. Modern technology has created a polymer that is able to bend light more efficiently, allowing less lens material to be used. This creates a slimmer and lighter weight lens that is more attractive and comfortable. Hi-Index lenses block all harmful UV light and can be tinted to almost any color or shade.


These lenses are ideal for children and people with occupations and hobbies where safety eye protection is needed. Polycarbonate is the most shatter-resistant material available. These lenses are thinner and lighter than more conventional hard resign (plastic) lenses and block all harmful UV light. Polycarbonate is also ideal for rimless and drill mounted frames.

Lenses that Darken in the Sun (Photochromic)

Tired of having to change glasses every time you go out into the sun? Photochromic lenses are the answer. They are clear lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight. They block all harmful UV light and are available in all lens materials. They come in shades of gray or brown.


Originally all lenses were made of glass, however this material is not used very much anymore. It is very heavy and shatters more easily. One benefit of glass is that it is more scratch-resistant than hard resin (plastics).

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