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Quality, tailored eyecare.

Rosemead Optometry is dedicated to helping you see your best and committed to keeping your eyes healthy for the long haul.  During your eye examination, Dr. Tran will assess your visual health and will also check for early indicators of chronic eye conditions.  The latest equipment is used to provide you with a thorough exam and Dr. Tran will make recommendations for your prescription lenses and/or contact lenses based on your visual demands and lifestyle.  You will also be educated on the condition of your ocular health and how keep your eyes healthy.  We will also be a custodian of all your records in case you ever need to reference them.


During your exam, you’ll receive personalized eyecare
tailored to your vision needs.

Squinting = Wrinkles.
Let's fix that.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

In addition to evaluating your visual health and recommending appropriate prescription glasses, Dr. Tran will also look for signs of eye conditions including, but not limited to:

·          Dry Eye Disease

·          Cataracts

·          Glaucoma

·          Macular Degeneration

·          Microvascular Disease (Hypertension, Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia)

Cornea and Contact Lens Services

Contact lenses may be more suitable for your visual needs depending on your prescription or active lifestyle.  Or, you might prefer to predominantly wear contacts if you don’t like to wear specs.  Only the best contact lenses will be recommended to you in order to provide both crisp vision and maintain excellent ocular health.  At Rosemead Optometry, all the newest soft contact lenses are available to you.  Tailored rigid gas permeable lenses for specialty fits are available, too.   

LASIK and PRK consultations are available at Rosemead Optometry.  Dr. Tran co-manages with some of the best LASIK surgeons in the greater Los Angeles area.

Pediatrics and Binocular Vision Services

Comprehensive eye care for children ages 3 to 12 are available at Rosemead Optometry.  Dr. Tran will determine whether an eye turn (strabismus) exists, or whether the risk of lazy eye (amblyopia) is present.

Treatment and Management of Eye Disease

Dr. Tran was trained at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Primary Care with an emphasis in Ocular Disease.  Should you experience acute changes to your ocular health such as mild to severe vision loss, painful or painless red eye(s), flashes and floaters, or abnormal sensitivity to light—please make an urgent appointment as soon as possible.  Dr. Tran is also certified to diagnose, treat, and manage glaucoma and has over 500 hours of glaucoma management experience.


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